[CentOS] Postfix+sasl Outlook problem.

Dominik Składanowski dominik.skladanowski at ch.pw.edu.pl
Tue Sep 6 22:19:24 UTC 2005

>>>> I have mail server on CentOS 4.1. Sasl authorization for SMTP is
>>>> enabled. Thunderbird sends mail, but Outlook get an error 554, Relay
>>>> access denied, error number 0x800CCC79
>>>> Outlook has a login and password for SMTP enabled.
>>>> It is strange, because there is no any sign of authorize in maillog
>>>> when Outlook try to send mail.
>>> It's my experience that the most recent versions of Outlook (the one
>>> bundled with MS Office) no longer handle TLS gracefully. I've had to
>>> reconfigure Outlook to send with straight SSL over port 465.
>> I have disabled TLS and still the same.
> You disabled it where? On the client? On the server? Chances are, there
> are tweaks necessary on both sides:
> client -> use SSL and port 465
> server -> open SSL-only (smtps) port 465
> At this point, however, I'll have to let a real Postfix admin answer
> questions...

"smtpd_use_tls = no" in /etc/postfix/main.cf

D o m i n i k   S k ł a d a n o w s k i

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