[CentOS] /var/log/lastlog on x86_64

Manuel BERTRAND manuel.bertrand at lif.univ-mrs.fr
Wed Sep 7 00:40:50 UTC 2005

thanks for your replies,
I will try this one, since the server is not in a production state. What 
would happen if it was... a simple grep eating 2 GB of RAM....
David Johnston wrote:

>4) Remove the nfs-utils package, remove /var/log/lastlog, and recreate
>it.  This should make lastlog much smaller, unless you have a lot of
>users on your system.
Les Mikesell wrote:

>>2) Change the format of lastlog so it doesn't use a sparse file.  This
>>isn't trivial, but I think it's probably the best solution in the long
>>run (unless #1 happens).
>This is painful for most ways of backing up and cloning systems too.
>How about gdbm format as something that would work with miminal
I dont get it. lastlog is in dbm format and if it is converted to gdbm 
it wont't be a sparse file anymore ?

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