[CentOS] Why is yum not liked by some?

Greg Knaddison greg.knaddison at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 16:53:31 UTC 2005

On 9/5/05, Tim Edwards <tim at registriesltd.com.au> wrote:
> John Newbigin wrote:
> > I also think yum is too slow.
> I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that. After using urpmi at home
> on Mandrake with more than 11000 packages in the configured repos I can
> say that yum is definately far slower with only ~4000 packages in
> configured repos. The whole "Setting up Repos" and "Reading repository
> metadata in from local files" is a real drag.

That is true, but in yum2.4 (soon to be available for CentOS4, or you
can build/install it yourself)  this is greatly improved.  Also, yum
2.4 includes the "shell" where yum reads in the information, gets
itself ready, and then you can ask it to do a whole bunch of stuff
without having to ask for it all in advance on the command line.  It's
pretty neat.


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