[CentOS] [NU-BQ+CentOS] Special Chars not showing up in browsers

William J.A. Brillinger billy at pdcweb.net
Wed Sep 7 22:16:30 UTC 2005


I am in the process of moving several large sites to a Tyan+BQ+CentOS box 
(built from the Nuonce ISO) and I see that special characters are not 
showing up in the browser properly but do show up in the source "view 
source" properly. -- very strange.


on the web page --> Heizungsbau M?ller
in the source --> Heizungsbau Müller

When I view this on the existing site on my RaQ 4, it display's correctly. 
The problem occurs with both MSIE & Firefox.

Any suggestions?

- Bill

William J.A. Brillinger
Precision Design Co.

E-Mail:   mailto:billy at pdcweb.net
Web site: http://www.pdcweb.net
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