[CentOS] PHP issue on Centos

ABOKHALAF, Nassri Abdellatif naabokhalaf at refertelecom.pt
Thu Sep 8 11:07:56 UTC 2005

Hello all,



I'm trying to configure a web development & content management
application called siteseed under centos 4.1


My centos install is a minimal with httpd, mysql php added via yum.


Problem: PHP complains with errors that look like :] PHP Notice:  Undefined variable:  article_comment in
/var/www/html/siteseed/index.php on line 112 [client] PHP
Notice:  Undefined variable:  headline in
/var/www/html/siteseed/index.php on line 170 [client 


The mystery  is that this errors only happen in a centos 4.1 install.

In a default RH9/fedora  install everything works fine.


All php, mysql, httpd packages are installed with no dependence issue.


Any help would be appreciated,






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