[CentOS] PHP issue on Centos

ABOKHALAF, Nassri Abdellatif naabokhalaf at refertelecom.pt
Thu Sep 8 14:24:01 UTC 2005

Thanks for your comment Scott,

The main issue is that the behaviour of the application is also
different from fedora to Centos, It simply is not working correctly.

I'm not familiar enough with Centos to understand all the differences to
RH9/Fedora, but it seems to me that I'm missing some important package
that may be needed in a LAMP environment and that yum does not fetch.

Any Clues ?


> There is no "error" per se here - what you have is technically a
> "Notice".  It does not show up under RH9/Fedora because the default
> error reporting level in that distribution is set to ignore "Notices".
> The reason it shows up in CentOS 4.1 is because the default error
> reporting level in CentOS 4.1 is set to report all errors, warnings,
> notices.  Technically, the siteseed developers should be correcting
> these problems as they develop the software, but they probably haven't
> gotten around to it yet.
> To make the notices go away, find the file /etc/php.ini.  In that file
> is an entry:
> error_reporting = E_ALL
> or something similar.  Change it to:
> error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
> Which tells it to report all errors, but not notices.  There are
> other related settings in the same section which you may want to look
> at.  Once you have saved the file, restart the apache web server to
> have it take effect.
> -Scott
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