[CentOS] Intel RAID controller

Mark Belanger mark_belanger at ltx.com
Thu Sep 8 15:24:38 UTC 2005

Chris Mauritz wrote:
 > Mark Belanger wrote:
 >> I have a dell precision 380:
 >> http://catalog.us.dell.com/CS1/CS1Page2.aspx?br=6&c=us&cs=555&fm=11210&l=en&s=biz
 > Is CentOS 4.1 an option?  I'm not sure if the ICH7R is supported in the
 > newer 2.6 kernels either, but that might be an option for you if you
 > can't make CentOS 3.X work.

The controller will work in RH/Centos 4.  At this time I am
bound to RH/Centos 3.


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