[CentOS] Xen under CentOS 4

Michael Kress kress at hal.saar.de
Thu Sep 8 17:17:46 UTC 2005

Hi guys,

Johnny Hughes wrote:

>>>hi all,
>>> Where i can found docs about install Xen under CentOS 4 ?? 
>>Interested to see how you go.  Please keep us updated.
>Have you guys seen this site:
>I haven't set up Xen, since it doesn't work with x86_64 ... but the
>instructions look good.
I've successfully followed the instructions from mark which can actually 
be found here:
I used quite a minimal CentOS4.1 as xen0 and also "regular" CentOS4.1 
installation(-clone)s as guest systems. They all work pretty well and fast.
I had some trouble with the init script for xendomains which doesn't 
seem to be quite compatible with regards to CentOS' (or should I say 
RHEL's) implementation of /lib/lsb. (or vice versa). I can't remember 
anymore the solution - as soon as I'll find the time for that, I'll do a 
diff against the original file and post my solution.
Moreover there's some more little stuff not mentioned in the above doc 
which I had to do, but that's all feasible stuff. I wish I had the time 
to document all that.

Has anyone else made good or bad experience with xen? How do you like it?
What about your opinion for honestly using it and not only playing 
within a [[Matrix]] [TM]?

My opinion about it: It's a good alternative for my configuration at 
home as it was before (linux-1: Router and Mail, linux-2: fileserver, 
linux-3: development) to save some energy cost (i.e. electricity). I 
wonder how it works under heavy usage, say 10+ users. Has anyone got 
some experience with that?



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