[CentOS] [OT] 3Ware firmware for 9000 series released ...

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Fri Sep 9 18:41:46 UTC 2005

Remco Barendse <redhat at barendse.to> wrote:
> The box doesn't have a floppy drive or anything so it's no
> so easy to update from floppy.

That's precisely why I keep a 250MB "dd" image with DR-DOS
7.03 on it.  I can plop it on any server.

That's also why I _always_ leave several primary partitions
and a few GBs free at the beginning of the disk -- _always_. 
I.e., my root (/) or /boot is _always_ /dev/sda3, and
everything else goes in /dev/sda4 (which may be LVM/LVM2).

I can plop that 250MB "dd" image down as /dev/sda1 at a
moments notice, and reconfigure GRUB to chainload it.

> My boot volume is on the 3Ware

I know.  I just boot DR-DOS 7.03 "clean".  Even though the
"C:" it's on the 3Ware volume, the firmware update works.

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