[CentOS] [OT] 3Ware firmware for 9000 series released ...

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Fri Sep 9 19:28:04 UTC 2005

Remco Barendse <redhat at barendse.to> wrote:
> Thanks for the tips. I don't know if I'd want an extra
> partition on all my servers.

Reserving 1-8GB at the front of my server's array volume has
saved my bacon so many times -- DOS for firmware upload,
vendor diagnostic tool, helper Linux install for recovery,

> An alternative idea, create a DOS boot disc with the
> firmware update, burn that as a bootable cdrom and
> perform the upgrade.

Assuming you have at least CD-ROM drive.  ;->
And sometimes there can be issues with that.

E.g., ServerWorks ServerSet III southbridges were not always
well known for their "good" ATA support.

> I tried that last week but for some reason the cd didn't
> boot but that's probably more because I goofed up creating
> the cd :)

Instead of dorking with all that, I can plop down the dd
image.  I purposely leave an unused /dev/hda1 of cylinders
1-79 (assuming 255/63 heads/sectors) in case I do need to
plop down that dd image.  In many cases, I go ahead and set
it up anyway -- just in case (leaving /dev/hda2 for any
possible Linux install as a "helper" system).

Once it's there, copying over a vendor firmware .com/.exe and
other files is a matter of mounting /dev/hda1 as msdos (not
vfat ;-), and plopping it.  No CD building issues.

> And I don't care about the cost of a cd recordable compared
> to not upgrading the controller

What I care about is the only 5 seconds it takes me to mount
the msdos filesystem, copy the vendor firmware .com/.exe and
other files, and then unmount versus the minutes to put
together a boot CD or USB image.

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