[CentOS] Some 3Ware questions

Todd Cary todd at aristesoftware.com
Fri Sep 9 20:45:32 UTC 2005

Sean and Peter -

If I was reading the correct specs, they said Linux up to RH 9.  It is 
compatible with Centos/RHEL?

I may go with the 2-port version and just RAID two-80 GB drives and keep 
my 2-30 GB drives as extra storage.

*** Can I pre install Centos on one of my 80 GB drives and after the 
controller arrives, plug the 2-80 GB drives into it and then mirror the 


Sean O'Connell wrote:

>On Fri, 2005-09-09 at 13:08 -0700, Todd Cary wrote:
>>I have not used RAID controller boards to date since I have relied on
>>the built in RAID on the motherboards.  Thanks to the informative
>>message Byron, I realize the deficiencies of doing RAID 1 this way,
>>especially now that the builtin is out of date with Kernel used by
>>I have 4 ATA drives that were configured in two pairs.  I assume that
>>I need a 3Wave controller that has 4 ports like the
>>Do I need to install any software during the installation of Centos?
>The installation will recognize the 3ware card and the arrays that you
>build on it (you do this in the card bios Alt+3 at boot). As Peter said,
>you'll want to make sure the card is using the latest firmware (you'll
>need a dos boot disk and a floppy with the firmware utility on it, comes
>as a zip file from the 3Ware site) -- iirc, the latest version is 7.7.1
>for 7xxx and 8xxx cards. You also probably want to get run the 3dmd
>utility as it will notify you about failed disks and other issues by
>email and can do background media checks... very nice.
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