[CentOS] maximum cpus/cores in CentOS 4.1

Solar Canine solarcanine at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 01:44:26 UTC 2005

Bryan J. Smith <b.j.smith at ieee.org> wrote:
> Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu> wrote:

Mommy, Daddy, please stop fighting!

Seriously though, I've gotten so much spam from this argument over the
last day that I'm half tempted to unsubscribe from the whole thing and
lose the valuable information resource, if only to avoid these
inbox-crushing squabbles in the schoolyard.

You disagree.  You don't see eye to eye.  Both think the other is an
insensitive close-minded clod.  Let's leave it at that, huh?

Or at least take it private.  For the sake of my bandwidth and storage
space, if nothing else.


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