[CentOS] The current state of palm syncing on Linux?

Dave Gutteridge dave at tokyocomedy.com
Sat Sep 10 03:34:04 UTC 2005

I've been searching around on the internet trying to find out about 
conduits and options for syncing programs with my Palm Pilot device. 
Google searches turn up a lot of discussion on the matter over a two or 
three year period, everything from people talking about doing it or how 
it should be done or how much they want it done.

But I can't actually determine what, if any, tangible projects are out 
there for doing any kind of Palm syncing.

The two programs I would most like to sync with my Palm are Thunderbird 
(just the addresses, not the email) and GnuCash (via FreeCoins?).

It would seem I'm not the only one who would like to do this, and there 
are tantalizing hints that there are possibly conduits either in 
development or beta for doing this.

But I seem to be wading neck deep in lots of online forum discussion 
that is obscuring my path to finding out what the actual status is.

Is there anyone on this list who knows what is possible as far as 
syncing with a Palm Pilot goes, where I might find concrete answers, 
and/or how I might best configure it on my system?


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