[CentOS] The current state of palm syncing on Linux?

Dave Gutteridge dave at tokyocomedy.com
Sat Sep 10 08:53:44 UTC 2005

>I'm sure you have your reasons to like Thunderbird over Evolution
Not particularly good reasons, really. Just that I liked FireFox, and 
Thunderbird is by the same people. That and I was using Thunderbird on 
Windows before, so it seemed like the easiest transition.

I'm willing to give Evolution a go, though, if it syncs "easily" with 
the Palm.

I installed it and I'm experimenting with it, and I came across a slight 
snag. I wanted to see if I could import my address book from Thunderbird 
to Evolution, and found this script on the web:
So now I have a perl script which can theoretically do just what I 
want... but I don't know how to run a perl script. It seems it's one of 
these things that's so obvious to people who know that they don't bother 
explaining it anywhere. I've tried typing the name of the script, 
puttins "sh" and "perl" in front of it... but no results.
And there's no documentation for this particular script because, well, 
it's obvious to everyone else.
How do I run this thing?

>FreeCoins seems to have one primary driver behind it and the forum there
>apparently has a gnucash developer that's interested in integration but
>it does seem that development is slow - I'm going to presume that you
>saw this forum note but just in case you didn't...
Yes, I came across that thread. I'm willing to accept that I may not get 
GnuCash syncing with my palm the same way PocketQuicken sync'ed with 
Quicken. Can't have everything. But I do want to know where I should be 
listening for when the feature hopefuly becomes available.


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