[CentOS] Re: Why is yum not liked by some? -- CVS analogy (and why you're not getting it)

Johnny Hughes mailing-lists at hughesjr.com
Sat Sep 10 11:42:17 UTC 2005

OK ... 

There have been some good suggestions on this thread ...

1.  It might be good if you could pass a date as a command line option
to yum ... and have yum not consider anything after that date as being
in the repo.

That is a good suggestion for the yum mailing list:

2.  It might be good to develop a way to distribute update RPMS with
only the changed (delta) information and not all the information, thus
saving time and bandwidth and storage space.  This is also a good
suggestion, but not really for CentOS ... we use up2date and/or yum ...
but if Red Hat where to change their method of distributing updates,
then CentOS might too.  This suggestion also really belongs upstream (if
it is going to be acted upon).

3. It might be good to have a method for deploying different sets of
packages to different machines and control them individually or as a
group.  The program "current" is working on doing that:

Please ... let's offer constructive and non attacking comments to this
and all other threads on the mailing lists.
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