[CentOS] is there a utility to tell if the monitor is on or offin CentOS?

Peter Arremann loony at loonybin.org
Sat Sep 10 14:36:12 UTC 2005

On Saturday 10 September 2005 10:25, Jerry Geis wrote:
> Sir,
> Thanks for the suggestion. However I did a xset -q | grep Monitor and it
> says "On".
> I then turned off the monitor did a cursor up to execute the last
> command hit enter,
> turned the monitor back on and it still said "On". I then unplugged the
> monitor,
> cursor up to execute last command hit enter, turned back on the monitor
> and it still
> said "On".
> Do you have another suggestion? Thank you.

It works fine on both my laptop and desktop... What kind of graphics card do 
you have? sounds like some piece of hardware or its driver doesn't implement 
dpms completely - in that case no other tool would help you either... 


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