[CentOS] Re: yum --installroot and GPG key

Morten lists at kikobu.com
Sat Sep 10 15:04:31 UTC 2005

>>But no such luck... Anyone know where to look?
> The problem is that inside your chroot (the installroot) you don't have
> a key installed yet.
> installroot might not be what you want to do ... it is going to create a
> chroot.

What I would like to do, is to be able to install "my environment" 
consisting of Apache2, MySQL and others in a clean "sandbox" (a new 
directory) in a reproductive manner. I want to be able to create any 
number of such sandboxes, each having their own config files and so forth.

I assumed that installroot could help me do this, but will read up on 
it. Are there any other approaches to accomplish this using yum? So far, 
I've used ./configure --prefix=$SANDBOXDIR and compiled from source.

> If that is what, you should create a custom yum.conf for the chroot ...
> for the initial part of the install, set the repos to gpgcheck=0.
> You can then chroot into the location and install the key inside the
> chroot, copy your yum.conf into the chroot and change it to gpgcheck=1
> again.

It may be what I'm trying to do - but I'll need to read more about it. 
It seems awfully complicated though :-)



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