[CentOS] Re: Installation problem, possibly RAID

Edward Diener eddielee at tropicsoft.com
Sat Sep 10 21:24:45 UTC 2005

Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> Edward Diener <eddielee at tropicsoft.com> wrote:
>>But obviously CentOS did not. Why ?
> Installers are not perfect, and they never will be.
> That includes Windows especially.
>>Again, as explained in my OP, I have no RAID array but just
>>the HPT 374 onboard RAID controller handling my hard
> drives.
> Yep.  FRAID cards are just "regular ATA" bus arbitrators.
> So as long as you don't setup the RAID organization, the
> disks should not have any special striping/blocking.
> The HPT36x/37x are no exception, they are standard ATA
> channels, period.
>>This is because my normal IDE contrller 
>>has other non-harddisk devices attached to it.
> Yep, ATAPI devices like CD/DVD.
> -- Bryan
> P.S.  BTW, I've just started deploying some Intel i8xx/9xx
> systems with ICH5+ controllers and I am extremely
> _disappointed_ with the BIOS disk / Linux device mapping that
> causes both installer and rescue mode recovery issues.  It
> was clearly not as "well thought out" by Intel compared to
> most of the nVidia MCP-04 ATA/SATA.  Is it a newer Intel
> i8xx/9xx chipset?

Just though I mentioned that I got CentOS installed properly by not using a boot 
partitition and just installing everything into a root partition. Why this bug 
insists on my machine, and whether it exists for others for some reason is 
something I do not know. My guess is that grub booting on a boot partition and 
executing programs on a root partition needs to know the disk geometry of the 
root partition and is not doing that properly on my machine for some reason or 

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