[CentOS] CentOS core 4 PCMCIA and freezing in non-interactive startup

Ryan Lum cow at launchpc.com
Sat Sep 10 22:41:44 UTC 2005

I am having problems starting linux after a server install.

First, let me say my setup is:
semprom 1.8 
dfi nf4x 
pci express x16 video card

My bootup always freezes after

Entering non-interactive startup.
/etc/rc3.d/S00microcode_ctl: microcode device /dev/cpu/microcode doesn't
Checking for new hardware
Starting cpuspeed: 
Apllying iptables firewall rules:
Starting pcmcia: 

then it freezes. 

i have tried to install it with linux nopcmcia with no luck.

Any ideas? is thee are way in rescue mode to remove the PCMCIA check from
the bootup sequence?

I've tried someone other installs like deskstop and custom, but it usually
freezes around network.

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