[CentOS] Re: RPMs for CentOS

Edward Diener eddielee at tropicsoft.com
Sun Sep 11 13:15:18 UTC 2005

Gilles CHAUVIN wrote:
> On 9/11/05, Edward Diener <eddielee at tropicsoft.com> wrote:
>>When looking for RPMs for CentOS 4.1 outside of the yum CentOS repositories, do
>>I choose the version of a product which says for FC4, or what, if there is no
>>specific version mentioned for CentOS ?
> RHEL4 and, I guess, FC3 should work !

FC3 as opposed to FC4 if both exist ?

OK, I will look for RHEL4 first anyway.

> See Dag's "el4" repo, there are a lot of RPM available there (even if
> some aren't very up to date).

Thanks, noted.

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