[CentOS] mkfs.ext3 on a 9TB volume

Peter Arremann loony at loonybin.org
Sun Sep 11 21:10:06 UTC 2005

On Sunday 11 September 2005 17:02, Francois Caen wrote:
> My concern with xfs, reiser or jfs is not really how good they are,
> but how well they are implemented/supported in CentOS.
> My application is a huge backup-to-disk samba-accessed storage.
> Performance and fsck-caused downtime are not important to me.
> Integrity of the data is critical.
> I need the most reliable multi-TB filesystem I can use with CentOS/RHEL.
> And it's hard to choose between the better-but-less-supported
> xfs/reiser/... or the well-supported but not that multi-TB-friendly
> ext3...
We usually have the same issue - and so far the answer has always been ext3 
simply because its easier to support. Gladly so far we haven't hit the 4TB 
limit (http://batleth.sapienti-sat.org/projects/FAQs/ext3-faq.html)... always 
ended up making sliceses smaller than that for individual uses.


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