[CentOS] mkfs.ext3 on a 9TB volume

Francois Caen frcaen at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 15:42:49 UTC 2005

On 9/12/05, Joshua Baker-LePain <jlb17 at duke.edu> wrote:
> As I mentioned, I'm running centos-4, which, as we all know, is based off
> RHEL 4.  If you go to <http://www.redhat.com/software/rhel/features/>,
> they explicitly state that they support ext3 FSs up to 8TB.

Wow! Odd! RH says 8TB but ext3 FAQ says 4TB.
>From my personal testing on CentOS 4.1, you can't go over 4TB without kludging.
> I then did a software RAIDO across them, and finally:
> mke2fs -b 4096 -j -m 0 -R stride=1024 -T largefile4 /dev/md0

Joshua, thanks for the reply on this.
There's something kludgy about having to do softraid across 2
partitions before formatting. It adds a layer of complexity and
reduces reliability. Is that the trick RH recommended to go up to 8TB?

Francois Caen, RHCE, CCNA
SpiderMaker, LLC

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