[CentOS] Failing "yum --installroot=/mnt groupinstall base"

Karan Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Mon Sep 12 19:16:00 UTC 2005

Jesse Waters wrote:

>Hello all,
>trying to do the below command.
> yum --installroot=/mnt groupinstall base
>i receive this error message.
>"You have enabled checking of packages via GPG keys. This is a good thing.
>However, you do not have any GPG public keys installed. You need to download
>the keys for packages you wish to install and install them.
>You can do that by running the command:
>    rpm --import public.gpg.key"
>I have already imported the gpg keys in:
>I can yum install <package> without issue
>but when I try the groupinstall option it fails
>any suggestions?
the rpmdb hosted inside the chroot needs the key,... Easy workaround is 
to have a custom yum.conf file, with the gpgcheck disabled ( and 
therefore you should use a secure, known good repository for the 
packages, maybe even a local mirror that you run yourself ).

Other option, is to import the key into the correct place with 'rpm 
--root <path to root> --import <gpg key>'

- K

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