[CentOS] Hard drive DMA messages upon shutdown

Edward Diener eddielee at tropicsoft.com
Mon Sep 12 19:56:08 UTC 2005

I have 4 hard drives on my system. CentOS is in a logical partition on the first 
hard drive and there is a swap partition in a logical partition on the first 
hard drive which I have also told it to use. The other three hard drives contain 
various partitions, all of which I have hidden from CentOS which are primary 
partitions. I have as well hidden the primary partitions on the first hard drive 
also. While there are other Linux parttions I do not want CentOS to use them in 
any way right now.

Yet when I restart or shutdown CentOS I get messages saying that there are DMA 
errors waiting for some hard disk event on another hard dribe before the OS 
eventually reboots or shuts down my system. I have checked the mount and nothing 
but the two partitions with which I have set up to run CentOS are mounted. Why 
then is CentOS trying to access other hard drives upon shutdown ? Is there some 
way that I can curtail the OS from doing so ?

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