[CentOS] 4.1 x86_64 and stability

Ryan Lum cow at launchpc.com
Tue Sep 13 00:40:29 UTC 2005

Dear All,

I have previous posted on here before about some of the problems I have been
have with various services in 4.1 particularly, PCMCIA, XFS, and Netowrk.  I
have a nf4x mobo with an amd semprom 3000+.  The video card is an Asus
radeon x500 (uses the x300 drivers).  I have also tried fedora core 4 as
well which the same repeatable results.  Basically the problem is the
services freeze when they start up, but if I removed them from init.d the
computer starts fine and they start fine manually.  Yet, when I get going I
have several various ata errors, and lets not even think about running gnome
which just locks up and hangs.  My question is:  is the hardware support for
x86_64 as good as i386.  I just installed i386 4.1 without a hang or any


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