[CentOS] New to the list and one quick question

cajun leecajun at alltel.net
Tue Sep 13 03:30:03 UTC 2005

Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 18:53 -0500, cajun wrote:
>>I am running right now RH9 fully updated on a Dell PowerEdge 1600SC
>>with 512megs of Ram, 18G SCSI HD ... RH9 disk 1 checked out fine, so I
>>dropped in the CentOS disk 1 and ran it.  It checked out fine and so
>>did all the rest of them. Is this a vaild test??  Or am I just blowing
>>in the wind here??  Thanks for any input into this matter!!
> Any reason you want to install CentOS when you have a running RHL9
> system?
> BTW, although I've had no major issues updating RHL to FC releases, as
> FC is the logical upgrade path, RHEL/CentOS is not designed to be an
> upgrade option for RHL.
Hi All,

Thanks for the replies.  Sorry to get anything started.  I should have 
been more clear up front.  I have been looking at FC for a while now and 
I knew that you could upgrade from RHL to FC, with little or no trouble. 
  And I also knew that from RHL you can not do an upgrade to 
RHEL/CentOS.  I was looking at doing a fresh install from scratch even 
with FC.  From  some of the stories I have read, I figured a fresh 
install would be easier for me.  Besides I need the practice in 
remembering where everything is.  Like cups, firewall scripts, login 
scripts, samba scripts, etc., etc., etc., haha!!!

The main reason I was shifting to CentOS is because of the longer life 
cycle.  I have enjoyed my RH9 now for the past 2+ years without any 
troubles.  I have decided over the past couple of months that FC is a 
little to bleeding edge for me right now.  Next year about this time, 
that is another story.

But though, can I say that by using mediacheck in RH9 and checking my 
CentOS ISO's and them Passing, is this a valid check???

Anyways enough eating up bandwith, Thanks again!!!

Lee Perez

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