[CentOS] OT: ProFTPD web browser login

Barry Brimer barry.brimer at bigfoot.com
Tue Sep 13 05:03:42 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 21:42 -0700, Ed Morrison wrote:
> I'm setting up a ftp server.  I need to be able to have people have a 
> non interactive login through a web browser into a chrooted directory 
> i.e. ftp://somewhere.com. I also need to have a URL that will auto login 
> a user to a chrooted directory.   These chrooted directories will be RO 
> for all anonymous access.  That said I also need to have a staff account 
> that has upload rights to these directories.
> Before I was able to use with Windowz FTP servers: 
> ftp://user:password@somewhere.com.  This does not pass with proftpd or 
> vsftpd.  Are there conf entries that will allow these?  I know there are 
> security risks associated with this but it is an environment I have to 
> deal with anyway. 


I use Proftpd and I am able to log in with a web browser just fine.
That said, my directories are chrooted but they are r/w not r/o.  Have
you verified that these accounts work with a standard ftp client?  This
is a long shot, without having put too much thought into it .. but have
you tried RequireValidShell off?  I've always found it easier to debug
starting proftpd with "proftpd -d <debug level> -n" the "-n" flag tells
the daemon not to go to the background.  


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