[CentOS] OT: setting up a bridge

Oliver Falk oliver at linux-kernel.at
Tue Sep 13 07:34:04 UTC 2005

On 09/12/2005 10:54 PM, carlopmart at gmail.com wrote:
> hi all,
>  I am using centos3.5 for my firewall home. I would like to do some 
> tests with bridge firewalling. When i try to create the bridge, brctl 
> givtes me this error: br_add_bridge: Package not installed.
>  i find some answers about this error, but the most important is the one 
> that says driver is not loaded into kernel. In my 
> /boot/config-2.4.21-32.0.1.EL file appears compiled as a module, but how 
> can i load it with modprobe??  .... :((
> Thanky you

I guess, that brctl will not load the module automatically and your 
system doesn't either...

Try it this way:

[root at pluto ~]# modprobe bridge; lsmod | grep bridge
bridge                 52953  0

It's a FC4 in my case, but this should work with CentOS also...


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