[CentOS] Re: Install Trouble

Todd Reed treed at astate.edu
Tue Sep 13 18:30:38 UTC 2005

I actually tried the torrent files very first...faster download!

I finally figured it out.  I finally tried a new CD drive.  It's working.
Apparently, the old drive and drive I tried were both bad.  It still doesn't
make sense that it wouldn't work in the other system.  I guess that will be
another day, though!

Thanks for all that responded.


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Can you use bittorrent to download the files?  It provides a
hash-check of the file as part of the transfer so you can be more
certain that the download is correct.

The other question is that your burner might be doing something weird.

It is certainly very strange that the disks work fine in VMWare, but
the rest of the clues point to a bad disk.

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