[CentOS] Re: 4.1 x86_64 and stability

Alex White ethericalzen at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 12:35:46 UTC 2005

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 19:40 -0500, Ryan Lum wrote:

> My question is:  is the hardware support for
>>x86_64 as good as i386.  I just installed i386 4.1 without a hang or any
> Personally, if I was going to run a server, I would use the x86_64
> distro ... but if I was going to run a workstation, I would use the i386
> distro.
> To be perfectly honest, if i386 is stable for you and x86_64 is not, I
> would recommend you use the i386 distro ... in my experience, the
> difference between the two is not really that noticeable when using the
> system. 


So then, can anyone point me to documentation or experience that 
would lead one to choose x86_64 over i386 on a workstation or 
desktop? Perceived or otherwise performance gains would be nice, 
I'm just looking for some "why" type stuff if anyone would like 
to share their experience and or decision making scenarios with 
me. This can be done off list or on maybe it would benefit some 


Alex White

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