[CentOS] Why is yum not liked by some?

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Wed Sep 14 13:00:33 UTC 2005

Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net> wrote:
> So discussions about how to manage a farm of centos boxes
> should be done elsewhere?

I am just sick of being the "coincidental person" who is
quoted.  People can argue it is volume -- but I _ignore_ the
thread for 3 days, and then make 3 posts, and I'm quoted
right afterwards!

Sometimes I think it's the technical detail that I put in my
post that pisses people off more than the volume.  This was a
perfect example.  I do my _damnest_ to try to detail _real_
technical _solutions_ and not a "wish list rant" for 5+ days.

If other people are ranting about what they want, and I come
in and list specific, detailed technical information,
possible solutions, how they will and won't work, why oh why
am I held up as an example?  I'm sorry, the "it's because you
think you're smarter than anyone else" argument does _not_

I have tried to provide possible solutions to people, not to
sport my "knowledge," but to try to get them to be more
productive.  I'm sorry I even re-entered the thread.  But it
was just as "noisy" for 3 days when I let it be.

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