[CentOS] Tyan Thunder K8SE S2892 lm_sensors Config

Kirk Bocek t004 at kbocek.com
Wed Sep 14 18:06:01 UTC 2005

Tyan has posted a lm_sensors config file for the Thunder K8SE S2892 at


However when I ran the sensors command on my S2892 I was getting a readout for an 
adt7463 chip that wasn't referenced in the config file. I emailed Raphael Deng at 
Tyan asking him to confirm the manual edit needed to get sensors.conf to refer to the 
  adt7463 chip. His reply was:

> It's ok. You know, lm85 and adt7463 are pretty similar.
> Sometimes, hardware designer or manufactory guys will use them mixed.

So, in Raphael's sensors.conf replace the line 'chip "lm85-i2c-*-2e"' with 'chip 
"adt7463-i2c-*-2e"' and all will be well.

Kirk Bocek

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