[CentOS] Does Red Hat care about kernel bugs in CentOS?

Maciej Żenczykowski maze at cela.pl
Wed Sep 14 23:01:04 UTC 2005

> In the course of troubleshooting a netfilter problem, I've run into a 
> scenario where I can reliably generate an oops with the netfilter module(s).
> I generally like perusing the bugs on Red Hat's bugzilla system because I can 
> usually find solutions or patches to issues I encounter there.  In this case, 
> I couldn't.  What do CentOS users do when they discover bugs?  Will Red Hat 
> consider it?  Do I file it against "Red Hat Enterprise 3" if I'm running 
> CentOS 3.5?  I'm concerned if things like System.map, etc. don't match 
> between the RHEL kernel and the CentOS kernel.
> Any suggestions?

I guess the best would be to get an actual RHEL3 system to test on and get 
the oops to appear - if the oops is reproducable this shouldn't be that 
hard to do.  Possibly just post the method to the list and maybe someone 
else with a RHEL3 system will take care of it?


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