[CentOS] Why is yum not liked by some?

Johnny Hughes mailing-lists at hughesjr.com
Thu Sep 15 01:46:47 UTC 2005

> >> While a CVS commit is in progress, for instance, other users still see the previous
> >> state; this is not true for a YUM repository.
> >> Hmm.  This sounds like the crux of the problem.  If the mirroring
> >> software could be tricked into copying the repodata last, wouldn't this
> >> problem (and this thread) go away?
> > rsync does not allow you to specify an order, however rsync has 2 options.
> > --delay-updates will update the mirror at the end of the sync, which is
> > near atomic (this is functionality that Jeff Pitman wrote when I needed it
> > for my repository) and you have an atomic-script that comes with rsync
> > that hardlinks the tree, makes updates in that new tree and finally
> > atomically puts it all back.
> This one thing right there will help tremendously.  Thanks for the pointer
> to --delay-updates (any idea which version of rsync this first appeared?).

OK guys ... the answer is that is was added in version 2.6.4 of
rsync ... and that is newer than both CentOS-3 and CentOS-4 :(

BUT - this is such a good feature, we have upgraded the CentOS mirrors
to have version 2.6.6 of rsync from Dag's repo:


We recommend that if you are rsyncing from centos.org that you get
the .el3 or .el4 version of rsync (depending on the version of your
mirror) from above and then add the --delay-updates switch to your rsync
script when rsyncing from us.

Many thanks to Dag Wieers for the info on this issue, for submitting the
request to get this included in rsync ... and for his outstanding repos.
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