[CentOS] ppc questions

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Thu Sep 15 14:58:07 UTC 2005

Chris Mauritz wrote:
>> how much of Ram do these machines have ? if its anything >=256 megs, 
>> you have very functional and usable desktop machines there.
> Cool.  I believe all of them (about a dozen machines) have 512mb RAM.

excellent, grab a boot.iso from :

and install the distro over the wire ( http://beta.centos.org/ as the 
server : path is /centos/4.1beta/os/ppc/ ). If you have a bunch of 
machines, it might make more sense to rsync a copy of the tree down to a 
machine on the local network first.

>> anandtech had a write-up recently where they compared OSX Server to 
>> Linux on the server side of things, iirc correctly - Linux came out on 
>> top. A bit of googling should dig up the exact article.
> Outstanding!  Unfortunately, a few of our dual G5 machines have no 
> choice but to use OSX since they are used as Final Cut Pro and Protools 
> workstations.

The ones that can - move to Linux, the ones that cant - well Apple makes 
it real easy to just drop another drive into the machine, and dualboot, 
for the times you dont need OSX!

Btw, it might be worth looking at MacOnLinux ( 
http://www.maconlinux.org/ ) - maybe some of the apps you need to run on 
Native OSX, might work there ?  I've never used it myself, but people 
who have, say good things about it.

- K

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