[CentOS] Capturing audio streams with Linux?

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Thu Sep 15 15:54:30 UTC 2005

Preston Crawford <me at prestoncrawford.com> wrote:
> Understand. My price point is lower, unfortunately. Around
> $300.

The Treo 600 is available for $149 from most providers
nowdays, maybe $249 if you already have a provider.  Even the
Treo 650 is $299.

> And at that price point it's Tungstens and Zires.
> And all of them either have poor displays (visually)

Palm doesn't require a high-res display like a start-bar type
environment.  Furthermore, the Treo 650 does have a better
display with higher resolution.  I haven't seen anyone
offering it for less than $299.

> or that screen whine problem.

???  How about the "battery whine" problem with Pocket PC 

> Like you said, it's a personal preference thing and beside
> the point.

I use mine for calender, contact, MP3, PDF ref, etc...

> Which really is beside the point and I probably shouldn't
> have mentioned it so this didn't turn into a "why aren't
> you using Linux and a Palm" issue.

Palm just works and works nice for myself.  I've been using
Palm-based phones for almost 5 years now.

If I want more, I'll go with an ultra-light notebook.

> That's what I want to know. How do I take a stream and have
> it split the pieces of the real audio stream as they come
> in? It's taking them in as a playlist and dumping them into
> one big mp3 file.

I could have swore there was an option to split on X size in

> And that file is too unweildy for using with the MP3 player
> on my device, I fear.

No SD/MMC slot?  My Kyocera 7135 / Treo 600 have been
Godsends because they have that nice, small, little slot in
their tough, rugged designs (I dropped the crap out of my
phones -- and I've seen Pocket PCs crack on half the height).

> Besides, I don't want to have to copy that whole file at
> once. Or I'd like to be able to encode manually at a lower
> bitrate.

???  Mencoder has a lot of options, try'em out.

> Right now I'm using the command...
> /usr/bin/mplayer -playlist http://<servername>/feed.pls
> -dumpaudio -dumpfile atc.mp3

Depending on your MPlayer is built, it may take all the
mencoder options.  Play with them (hit the man page). 
Definitely RTFM here, sorry, but that's it.

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