[CentOS] CentOS 4U2 timing.

Pasi Pirhonen upi at iki.fi
Thu Sep 15 16:29:39 UTC 2005


On Thu, Sep 15, 2005 at 09:14:36AM -0700, Hilliard, Jay wrote:
> Pasi Pirhonen wrote:
> Pasi, that was uncalled for.
> This list truly is getting hostile.  All I did was complement Johnny on 
> his hard work, and he clarified that it's not just him doing the work 
> and he listed the names of those who should be credited for their 
> efforts.  My "Johnny *is* Centos" statement was in reference to a recent 
> post by Johnny (Why is yum not liked by some) where Johnny says:
> "I am the CentOS people :)"
> Why are people on this list so uptight and ready to insult others at the 
> drop of a hat?

I apologize. I missunderstood the wording on context (everyone can
easily see why). I am tryly sorry that i misunderstoodd the ment to be
expression of the above. I tend to get my mind pretty much straight out
and later on be corrected about it :)

Frankly i do skip most of the it on centos-lists these days. Maybe few
mailings on new thread, but i am not so interested about all of it. I'd
really like to see arch specific mailing lists, so i really could skip
all this general discussion and trivial problems. No offence ment, but
popularity brings in more newbies and while used linux over 10 years
(some past 3-4 years quite exclusively) i am not so interested about
problems which would be trivial to google, and for little work, solve
by him/herself easily. I don't mean that i am better than anyone else,
i mena that i am used to dig out the solutions myself and not ask at
once. Good sample being the s390x back over a year ago. I was fingting
with it and fighting over a two months before i finally asked about it
from the hercules developer -> it was a _one byte typo bug_ on emulator
code which kept me scratching my head.

One of those boring threads would be this 'Why is yum not liked by some' :)

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