[CentOS] Capturing audio streams with Linux?

Preston Crawford me at prestoncrawford.com
Thu Sep 15 17:49:01 UTC 2005

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005, Bryan J. Smith wrote:

> Preston Crawford <me at prestoncrawford.com> wrote:
>> So I need my phone to be separate from my PDA so it
>> can fly out of my bike shorts and slam on the ground
>> at 30 mph.
> Wow!  You sound _exactly_ like someone who hasn't seen the
> rugged Kyocera phones.  And even the Treos are pretty sturdy
> (more so than Pocket PC PDAs/phones).  Nothing like listening
> to some MP3s from a SD on a bike (yes, even this "Fat Guy"
> rides one ;-)!

I don't ride while listening to MP3s. It's dangerous. I like to hear 
traffic. Why must we continue this, again?

>> So I'm not going to return my Pocket PC based on your
>> recommendation.
> Dude, I was just wondering how you evaluated.  I'm sorry for
> even mentioning it, but you _did_ bring up the fact that you
> had to go Windows on a Linux list.

I said I had to go to Windows to install stuff on a Palmtop. I'm barely 
using Windows. It's sort of on topic, I guess, but it's really a 

> I thought I'd just mention the options you have for a Linux
> compatible device, that's all.  Maybe someone _else_ might be
> intersted?


>> Can you stop with this?
> Do you have a guilt complex or something?

No. I'm just trying to stop these tit for tats before they get out of 
control. There's no point in discussing a decision I've made and won't 
change my mind on.

> _You_ didn't have to explain a thing about Windows or the
> fact that you have a Pocket PC, etc... just to ask about

Of coures not and now I wish I didn't.

> encoding.  But you did.  Sorry I mentioned what options you
> might have missed.
> Maybe someone else will use the info next time.  Okay?


>> I have an SD slot, my point is that I don't want to load up
>> one gigantic MP3 file into the MP3 player application.
> And this _entire_ question had what to do with needing a
> Pocket PC-based PDA?  Again, _you_ introduced it.  Now you're
> upset that I mentioned there were other options.

I didn't think anything of it when I mentioned it. I saw it as an aside. 
It wasn't in the subject line. It wasn't the object of discussion. It was 
just a side fact.

> Sorry, didn't mean to offend.  But on a Linux list, when
> someone starts mentioning options and what things don't do
> that are Linux compatible, I tend to offer several options
> that do.  That's all.  Don't have a guilt complex or
> something because that's _not_ what I'm trying to do!

No guilt here. I use the right tool for the right job. So I'm happy and 
don't need to justify why I bought what I bought.

>> Well, you should have just said RTFM and left it at that,
>> probably.
> And you didn't need to say that you had to go Pocket PC just
> to ask a question about encoding.

But that wasn't the question. It was just something I shouldn't have 
thrown in, apparently.

> I'm _not_ complaining you did.  But I _am_ pointing out this
> fact, and why some asshole like myself might bring up the
> Linux compatible options out there.

But it's kind of pointless when I already have the device in hand and am 
only asking about encoding.

> This is _exactly_ what I mean about hypocrisy.  I did *NOT*
> complain about you going on about Pocket PC why you couldn't
> use a Linux compatible device.  But you _are_ complaining

"Going on"? I just mentioned as an aside that that's what I ended up with. 
I think the main reason I mentioned it was to say that I got a device that 
can play MP3s, thus now I'd like to start recording these streams. Nothing 

> about I am mentioning some Linux alternatives that you ...
> obviously ... didn't bother to investigate.

I did investigate. And I chose Pocket PC.

> Sorry to have "guilted" you on a Linux list, not my intent.



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