[CentOS] Re: Capturing audio streams with Linux? -- [OT] How I ride my bike

Preston Crawford me at prestoncrawford.com
Thu Sep 15 19:53:54 UTC 2005

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005, Bryan J. Smith wrote:

> Preston Crawford <me at prestoncrawford.com> wrote:
>> I don't ride while listening to MP3s. It's dangerous.
>> I like to hear traffic.
> I don't know about you, but I use a single earpiece-mic (with
> button on mic) wire -- one ear.  I then leave the other ear
> free for listening to traffic.  Since I ride on the right
> side of the road (for those of us in the US), that earpiece
> goes in my right ear, leaving my left free to listen for
> traffic.

That still sounds dangerous to me. But hey, you're free to ride how you 
wish. I don't know why you're talking about it here.

> I can listen to my MP3s (not only music, but personal notes I
> take when I work), hear incoming calls (over any MP3
> playback), answer incoming calls (pauses MP3s playback), make
> calls with voice dialing, etc...

Good for you.

> About the only thing I don't do on the Linux PC is record the
> voice names and associate them with contacts for voice
> dialing.  Everything else -- calendaring, contacts, MP3
> uploads/playlist editing, etc.... is done on the MP3.

Good for you.

> As I said, don't make excuses, I'm not asking for them.
> If you make excuses, I might share my "to each his own."
> But I will _never_ assert it's "the right tool for the job."
> It's just what I want, and what works for me.

"don't make excuses, I'm not asking for them"????

What are you talking about? Are you off your rocker? Nevermind, don't 
answer that.

For my purposes a Pocket PC is the right tool for the right job, period, 
end of story. How can you tell me what the right tool is for what I need? 
You wonder why you have a reputation. Criminy.


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