[CentOS] SMART error (OfflineUncorrectableSector) detected on host: SMART error (CurrentPendingSector) detected on host

Peter Arremann loony at loonybin.org
Thu Sep 15 21:26:09 UTC 2005

On Thursday 15 September 2005 05:20, Abilash Praveen M wrote:
> I tried to smartcl.. but it won't let me in to the mounted partition.
> Please help! Is this a very serious issue? It was a very new HDD and I
> wonder how I got the uncorrectable sectors. Should I have to replace my
> HDD?
Yes, get your disk replaced. On a new disk you should not have issues like 
Especially if the grown defect list is huge your disk is gonna fail sometime 
really soon. 

You can try run the tool from the disk manufacturer (some of them require you 
to do so before they will issue you an RMA number) - if you don't have that 
floppy or don't have a foppy drive, download the ultimatebootcd.com cd image 
and it should be on there. That tool might also (depending on your drive 
manufacturer) have some mechanism for saving your data or remapping the 
failed sectors so you can rescue your data from Linux.


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