[OT] Can we end this now, please ? (Was: [CentOS] Why is yum not liked by some?)

Rohan Walsh rohan_walsh at yahoo.com.au
Thu Sep 15 23:18:04 UTC 2005

Dag said:
> Please everybody involved, go private. Little has been added since 
> the first few posts and it's getting boring. Besides, I'm sure as 
> soon as this is a private discussion it dies silently as no honor 
> has to be defended.

I agree. One point (and my addition) from 'Skill with People' by Les Giblin 
from the section '7 musts for successful criticism' - 
1. Criticism should be made in absolute privacy.
technical corrections on the list, correction re manners, attitude, etc etc 
off list

My observation is that on this list criticism of manners etc ALWAYS
makes the problem worse, technical discussion gets left behind in
favour of a flame war, the exact opposite of the stated intention of the 
criticism. Dag's comments sums up why nicely. Figure it out already!

For those of you who deal regularly with customers, particularly if you're
self employed or paid by contract, I highly recommend getting this booklet. 
It takes about 15 minutes to read, so can be done regularly before talking 
to a new client, going for job interview etc. I have no doubt it can cause
a sharp increase in income for many people. ISBN 187 682 5278

Since this is already offtopic, if anyone really needs to reply, off list
is probably best.


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