[CentOS] Re: plan of action?

Tom Cat strycat at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 14:12:38 UTC 2005

This is my first post.  This also will be my last.

I really must have picked the wrong time to join this list.  I joined
b/c I was thinking of switching to CentOS at home.  We have RHEL at
work and it is great, I just can't afford the cost for home.

I first went to Whitebox, but that seems to be plagued by slow updates
and a dependency on one person.  Then the seriously broken mailing
list removal system happened and the list was flooded with unsubscribe
requests - this was all before the hurricane hit.    Most everyone on
that list claimed they were moving to CentOS.  So I thought I'd check
into it.

What I encountered here is just horrible.  I've only seen about a
day's worth of posts, but it is one of the worst flame wars I've ever
seen.  I'm of course not going use CentOS either.  With a list like
this there will never be any support if I run into a problem.    If
CentOS is still around in a year or two and I still have found a good
distro, I'll check and see if anything has improved.

I'd suggest you take Mr. Knaddison's advice below.  #2 seems like the
best plan as there will be a forum moderator who can lock threads and
delete posts.   At worst a flame will only be visible until the
moderator gets around to delete it.
Good Bye.

On 9/15/05, Greg Knaddison <greg.knaddison at gmail.com> wrote:
> Possible solutions that require zero involvement from the already busy
> project team:
> 1. Use your email client to better manage the flow and turn it into a trickle
> 2. Use the forums on your time rather than having it emailed in and
> disrupting your life http://www.centos.org/modules/newbb
> 3. Subscribe to the list using an account that you use specifically
> for the list (I'll send gmail invites to anyone interested) and only
> read that account when you want...otherwise, ignore it
> 4. Unsubscribe
> You can combine 2 and 4 for maximum effect.
> Given those options, why does the project team need to get involved?
> Greg
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