[CentOS] php with oci8 support

Thomas Jackson jackson at salk.edu
Mon Sep 19 22:31:34 UTC 2005

I am attempting to build php with oracle oci8 support.  I've installed
the oracle installclient basic and devel rpms.  When kicking off the
srpm buid I am using the following...

rpmbuild --with oci8 --rebuild php-4.3.9-3.8.src.rpm

While on an FC 4 box this works and I end up with a php-oci8 pkg that is
fully functional.  However on CentOS 4.1 the build isn't actually
building with oci8 and fails with ....

File not found: /var/tmp/php-root/usr/lib/php4/oci8.so

I've played around with the spec file and it looks like this could be
the culprit.  Has anyone got this to work besides building from source?

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