[CentOS] pam and sasl2-sample-server failure

scott scott.list at mlec.net
Tue Sep 20 02:05:01 UTC 2005

> I think the part your missing is the PAM mechanism.  If you're going to
> "rcmd" as the service, then you need to have an /etc/pam.d/rcmd to tell
> w/ PAM where to look for authentication information.  Better yet, use '-s
> smtp' to have sasl2-sample-server look at /etc/pam.d/smtp for PAM
> configuration instead of 'rcmd'.  This should just work for you.
> Are you stuck elsewhere with the postfix+SASL stack or is this as far as
> you've gotten?  Let me know.

Thanks very much for the time to help Jason.

That was as far as I got.  I diligently stopped right there wanting to get
that right before proceding to take my working mail down <smile>.

Someone else also pointed out my misunderstanding as you described above.  I
swapped rcmd to smtp and all was well.  I was following the Book of Postfix
examples literally, but I didn't see anything to make me think to do
otherwise.  With the help I got from the other person and now you, too, I
was able to get it going.  So I have that part behind me and working.

Thanks again for the help.


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