[CentOS] Uniprocessor kernel booted after YUM update

Hilliard, Jay Jay.Hilliard at disney.com
Tue Sep 20 19:15:47 UTC 2005

Sam Drinkard wrote:
> Hi Jay,
>     The command is --configure :-)  close tho.  I see from that the 
> kernels are in fact excluded.  Is this a "good thing" tm. or should I 
> let it update the kernels too?

If things are working for you, you don't necessarily have to upgrade the 
kernel.  If you're running kernel 2.6.9-11, then you're most likely 
already running the latest (at least until update 2 is released)

You could always remove that kernel exclusion, then opt whether or not 
to put a checkmark next to the kernel when you run up2date.

Keep in mind that if you use nvidia's graphics driver, or other kernel 
modules added after the fact, you'll have to re-install/re-build them.


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