[CentOS] upgrade release to upstream to CentOS timeframes?

Robert roberth at abbacomm.net
Tue Sep 20 20:36:04 UTC 2005

} Johnny Hughes wrote...
} Right ... during the lifetime of CentOS-4, it will most likely be
} httpd-2.0.52-*
} IF (not likely) the upstream el4 distro changes to a newer version, so
} will CentOS.
} CentOS's goal is to have the exact same versions as the upstream el4
} distro.

i appreciate the info

under what circumstance(s), if any, does the upstream bail on it's normal
policy and procedure and include a large package update whether it is for
httpd or anything else as an upgrade ???

to me, it is "kinda" actually happening behind the scenes when they backport
security patches etc... YET... is it just really based upon the fact that
they actually charge for support and want to keep things somewhat more
manageable on a broader scale when dealing the the public in general or??


 - rh

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