[CentOS] Recommendation for HTML editor (a better approach?)

Dave Gutteridge dave at tokyocomedy.com
Wed Sep 21 02:16:50 UTC 2005

Thank you everyone for the helpful advice. Looking at the suggestions,
makes me think I might have to re-approach how I do web site management.

Up until now I have used mainly Adobe's GoLive, and occasionally
Dreamweaver. Far from being wonderful solutions to HTML coding, they
often come with bloated proprietary code and weird results with parsing
elements. Nvu, while disappointing in this regard, is hardly alone.

I was kind of looking for something a little WYSIWYG, but I'm thinking
maybe that's not necessary anymore. I do so much with PHP these days
that I'm hand coding everything anyway.

So then I thought that one of the real advantages to a program like
GoLive are two things, not to do with previews of GUIs. the two most
significant features are templates, and smart FTP uploads.

Templates I can probably migrate away from, as that too I am
accomplishing more and more with PHP. But the smart FTP upload is nice.

My web server uses Fedora to store all my web documents in a directory
structure very much like what I have at home. Maybe even exactly, since
both home and host use Red Hat inspired builds.

What I'm wondering now is if what I should do is mirror the directory
structure I have on my host here at home. Then I can do all my editing,
and serve and test everything at home pretty much exactly as it will be
served from the host. And then when I'm happy with my updates, to upload
it to my server.

But, even though I have a fast fiber optic connection, I still don't
think I would want to just straight up mirror the two directories. I
have images and movie files and whatnot that still eat up connection

Which is my long winded way of coming around to asking - what would be
the best approach to uploading data from my machine in this
circumstance? Is there an FTP utility that, like GoLive, will track
which documents have been modified since last upload and send only


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