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Dave Laird dlaird at kharma.net
Wed Sep 21 13:47:58 UTC 2005

Good morning, everyone...

Perhaps this will either help or encourage others interested in using
CentOS as a networked workstation. It is based upon my experiences, and
all other disclaimers apply.

1. I did a basic workstation install from 4.1 CD's deploying KDE and Gnome
desktops and, other than a few minor issues, mostly of my making,
everything went smoothly. The install process is excellent, fairly cogent
and straightforward. 

2. I have used the Rekall database development application with MySQL for
nearly a year under various permutations of Linux, most notably Debian and
Mandriva. Since it is not delivered with CentOS, I was forced to locate
and download the source. I also downloaded and compiled the xbase and
xbsql (auxiliary utilities for Xbase) packages with no problems
encountered, whatsoever. 

3. Another favored application, the Pan Newsreader, has a dependency, the
gnet libraries, which I found as a RedHat RPM, on rpmfind.net. Then I
simply downloaded the latest Pan build, which has a number of bug fixes in
BETA, and installed it from RPM. If you are going to use the latest Pan
builds, you will need gnet >=2.04. 

[Glitches encountered]

1. I have not had the time to RTFM about XSane and its wicked permissions,
yet. For the moment, however, I am resorting to firing off XSane as the
super-user, since it will not work otherwise. I know it's in the manuals,
I just haven't had the time to read the manuals that much, yet. ;-)

2. Of course, as nearly always is the case, regardless of which platform
I've been using, I had to manually install the Java runtime and create a
link for it in my Firefox configuration. It's not really a glitch; more
like it is a fact of life. 

3. KDE's kdetoys doesn't apparently come with CentOS. However, that is a
project for yet another day, when I have time to truly explore it further.
I probably will have to install it from source if I want the weather in my
task bar. <sigh> I tried to install it from source, and there are errors
from the source. Oh, well. 

Life goes on.

Dave Laird (Dave at kharma.net)
The Used Kharma Lot / The Phoenix Project 
An automatic & random fortune for the Minute:    
Life is like an egg stain on your chin -- you can lick it, but it still
won't go away.

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