[CentOS] Mixing SCSI devices on a single i/f

James B. Byrne ByrneJB at Harte-Lyne.ca
Wed Sep 21 14:49:09 UTC 2005

I have an external HP SureStore DLT VS80 with a SCSI LVD 68 pin 
interface and an external HP SureStore DAT24 with a SCSI Centronics 
50 pin Narrow SE interface.  The cable for the DAT has a Centronics 
connector at one end and a 68 Pin Wide to Narrow terminated 
connector at the other. The cable for the DLT has a LVD/SE 68 pin 
connector at both ends.  I have terminator blocks for both devices.

If I connect the devices thus:

terminator --> DAT --> DLT --> scsi_hostadapter (boot hangs)

Then the system hangs when booting.  I can get the system to boot 
up form this point by turning off both external tape drives.  If I 
connect the devices individually then the host boots and the system 
can access which ever is attached to the host.

terminator --> DLT --> scsi_hostadapter (boots, device accessible)

terminator --> DAT --> scsi_hostadapter (boots, device accessible)

My question is: Is it possible to daisy-chain these two devices to 
the host in manner that permits the system to boot and access both; 
and if so, how does one accomplish this?


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