[CentOS] is there a possible solution to convert intel pro 2200 dsl winmodem to run under CentOS / linux?

Robert roberth at abbacomm.net
Wed Sep 21 16:02:49 UTC 2005


the subject says it all and i asked this back in June and i still have not
found anything or useful direction in my searching... so i need to ask
again. where is big Bryan when you need him? :-)

ummm i am willing to "emulate" if i have to yet i would still just need some
pointers or directions... anything please.

these Intel Pro 2200 DSL modems are just so inexpensive that i cannot leave
any stone unturned.

has anyone done this before where you run linux project MS emulation opsys
under linux to utilize hardware such as this that only runs under MS opsys?

any help will surely be appreciated.

tia and kind regards,

 - rh

Robert - Abba Communications
Computers & Internet Sales/Service 

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